Wherever you live in a terrace, flat, semi, large mansion, town house, or detached house

Whatever you do – run a business from home, restaurateur, high powered executive, retailer, independent consultant

Whoever you are – single man or woman, married, retired, full time job

YOU could benefit hugely from using FENG SHUI – making the most of your surroundings

Jane - testimonial

‘I was immediately impressed by Liz with her kind and very professional manner. She did a thorough and expert job and explained in detail the theory behind the methods she used in her analysis.

The formal written report came back within days and was clear and comprehensive. Liz made a real difference to the feel of our home.’

Space clearing testimonial

I want to thank you for the amazing work you recently undertook for me when you Space Cleared my car.

Hearing of your skills & knowledge of Feng Shui, I requested your help with my vehicle and following our chat, explaining the issues and my hopes for the outcome, your experience prompted you to recommend a Space Clearing session.

Having waited for a warm day for several weeks; we eventually met on a blisteringly cold morning in March – To the perfect location, within the grounds of St Margaret’s Church, organised by our mutual acquaintance Rachel Brooks.

You arrived with all the necessary items of equipment which you amusingly termed ‘ The Gubbins’ and I, with my completed preparatory tasks and a very clean car ready for the exercise to commence.

Now, after the event, I would describe Space Clearing as a little ceremony:

It was very targeted, very specific and very bespoke. My needs had been fully taken into account and the issues I was experiencing were targeted thanks to your preparation.

I can only offer these words to describe the changes I have experienced.

I purchased my car and waited five months for it to be specked and shipped in from Germany, that was a decade ago. However, even as the sole owner, I never really felt that my car wholly belonged to me, i.e. it wasn’t 100% in my control, but had a little energy of its own – which was not always as positive as I’d have liked.

After the space clearing, this has not been the case.

I have undertaken some very taxing drives over the past two weeks, very late at night on unlit and unfamiliar roads a long way from home: My car has delivered me effortlessly to my destination – I have never felt less stressed while driving and calmer both afterwards and when facing long tenuous drives.

The results have been far more successful than I could ever have imagined Liz and I cannot thank you enough for helping me, nor do I feel that I can do enough justice to your service in words.

Also, and most importantly, I learned a lot about myself during this process too.

I am in awe of your skills Liz and cannot thank you enough for the positive energies that you have helped to create in my car.

Kevin - testimonial

Interestingly, the house feels very different, calmer with a more positive feel to it.

It feels a bit like when you move into a new house for the first time and you have lots of ideas about where things will go and what will look nice in a particular area. I’m starting to see the house as a really nice property with lots of potential which will now be a stepping stone for my next move.

I’ve set myself a target of 12 months and will put the property up for sale at the beginning of Spring next year.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to complete the Feng Shui work and without spending too much money will just finalise some cosmetic improvements to the house.

Thanks again for all your help, the insight into Feng Shui and the significance of it has been fascinating.

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