Winter Magic                 

1.  Whether we like it or not, Christmas is just about here again and I thought I would send out some cheer with these tips that my lovely friend Aroon Ajmeera put together

2. Try to be creative in your choice of gifts.  Think of things, which either does not use up precious resources from the planet or where somebody else will also benefit from your act of giving – like wildlife or charity sponsorship.

3.       Avoid excess.  Have a good clear out of your home before Christmas.  This allows some space for you not only to receive more gifts, but also to welcome in friends, family and opportunities in the New Year.

4.       Give gifts with attitude.  Giving with love is more important than the gift itself.  Positive intention and sincerity make the gifts more precious.  Remember there is truth in the saying “It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it”.

5.       Spread love around the world.  “‘It’s the season of good cheer and the act of sending Christmas greetings imbued with love and friendship. It will help to distribute positive, healing chi to all those who receive them from you.

6.       Bring real plant energy into your home.  Christmas trees are often plastic or, like holly, have been cut, so it is important to bring in living plant energy.  The ideal plant for the season is the poinsettia with its bright red leaves but anything living will boost your energy.

7.       Long nights, short days and cold temperatures mean we often don’t see much daylight at this time of the year.  Fill your home with light.  If you are lucky enough to have a real fire, light it and keep your rooms well lit to help energise occupants.

 8.       Bring more warmth into your home by using more of the colour red.  Choose red cushions, table covers and seasonal decorations to make rooms feel more alive.

9.       Maintain harmony at family get-togethers by sitting at a round table, as this is less conducive to conflicts and arguments than a square or rectangular one.  If you do not have one then add several round objects, dishes and table decorations as focal points instead.

10.       Start the New Year with a clean slate.  Pay off your debts, settle any outstanding disputes and create a clear pathway for good fortune to find its way to you in the year ahead

Now – if you can manage to do all of these amazing things I will be so impressed – please let me know!