1. Verbal consultation £100.00
– Considering the external and internal environment of your home using Feng Shui principles – going with the flow rather than against it.
– Recommendations for improving your good fortune, relationships, good friends etc – enabling you to be successful and happy in every aspect of your life
– You write down these recommendations yourself.


2. Written report £150.00
– Exactly as above but you receive a detailed report with photos and reasons for the recommended changes as well as notes relating to specific parts of the consultation

3. Healthy Home Survey £100.00
– Electro magnetic hazards – a check up using a meter to measure this field in the areas that are most used in the home e.g. around your bed, study etc. Simple recommendations are given when necessary
– Disruption of the Earth’s Natural Energy Field (Geopathic Stress). Detrimental effects to the immune system – can cause long term illnesses as well as poor sleep patterns. Can be caused by either natural or man-made disruption to the environment. These are identified and neutralised.

4. Full consultation includes £250.00
– Illustrated report on all the above
– Healthy Home survey
– Eastern Astrology Reading for adult members of the family
– Other information in connection with the consultation

These costings are based on a 3 – 4 bedroom house