Having just about finished my lovely new web site, I was encouraged to start this Blog by my wonderful, patient web master, Gareth!  How to start?  What should I do?  How should I present it?  ‘don’t know’ was the answer to all those questions.  However I had procrastinated long enough and the time had come to put fingers to keyboard and get going – here is my first attempt!  What do you think?

Arrival of Autumn – A time of year when the days noticeably start to close in, leaves change to beautiful colours and harvest time – therefore an ideal time to celebrate the things you have achieved so far and contemplate the different ways you could improve your life even further.

Meditation or ‘time for thinking’ (as I prefer to think about it) is something that we should all consider doing, if we are not doing so already.  In my future blogs I intend to address this subject and see what you all think.  Any opinions – please email me – lizfenghshui@aol.com

Dreams are particularly important during this time of year and can reveal insights about the future and where your path lies.  To encourage prophetic ones, make a dream pillow;  take two small squares of cotton and sew them together on three sides.  Place some dried lavender, sage, rosemary and comomile – and a little mint if you wish – into the bag, add a few drops of lavender essential oil and a small piece of amethyst to the mis.  Secure the remaining side and position it under your head at night;  it will deepen your sleep and encourage some interesting dreams! Taken from ‘MagicAlly’ September 2011

Try This – Imagine for a second that you have a small, circular dial situated just above your naval, controlling the power and brightness of your aura.  Before you venture out, or if you are going to a special event where you are likely to meet people, spend a few moments focusing on this spot, turning up the dial.  As you do this, envision the light of your aura increasing in strength and brightness.  Feel the energy buzzing around your body and see the light stretching outwards.  Visualise this light growing in size so it touches everyone you ecounter.  Smile and know you are a dazzling and beautiful being of light and love.

I do hope that you found something of interest here?  Please let me know what you think of my first blog!  Fingers crossed that I can keep this updated.  If any of you out there have something you think would be suitable and that others would enjoy, please email it to me.  I hope you all have a soothing but stimulating September!