<A lovely friend of mine, connected through Feng Shui, gave me an inspiring gift for Christmas, a desk calendar with a beautiful picture and inspiring sentence for every single day of the year. When I turned to the beginning of March it said ‘
This month I look around me and find the odds and ends that need to be put in order. This is an excellent time to clear clutter and complete old projects. I am making room to be ready for the new’.
For some reason – perhaps it was the pure blue sky and sun coming through the window – I felt it was time to pull out the proverbial finger and really get going.
The first thing that caught my attention was to remove old photos from the wall and make room for the new. I gave myself a couple of hours to choose some from the last few years that we could hang on the wall and enjoy – very therapeutic – I had a lovely time choosing, printing and framing them.
We also decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and went to our local National Trust Park, Dunham. The brilliant volunteers and gardeners have made the most beautiful winter garden there, thousands of snowdrops and the daffodils just starting to show. If you live near enough, do give yourselves a real treat.

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Finally, some tips to help you

CIear your clutter
And your life will start moving – clutter represents energy which is stuckl
Having lots of clutter makes you feel tired
Clearing releases energy and you will feel lighter in mind, body and spirit
Your home (or workplace) is a mirror of you
Don’t hold yourself back by hanging on to things ‘just in case’.
Surround yourself only with things you love from now on.
Clear out your junk room
Each area of your home is connected to a different aspect of
your life so wherever you keep your junk it will affect you. Let it gol
Clear out your clutter before implementing Feng Shui
cures or enhancements such as mirrors and crystals, otherwise
you may double your problems rather than resolve them
lf something is broken, fix it – or throw it out
Your energy levels drop when you are surrounded by things that do not work properly
Clear out your wardrobe
Keep just your favourite things and in future only buy items you absolutely love. When you look good, you feel good and your life works better.
Clear your clutter from corridors and behind doors
Your life will proceed more smoothly when the energy can flow
unobstructed around your space.
Clear your desk!
Mountains of paperwork make you feel defeated before you even start.
A clear desk means a clear mind, better creativity and more job satisfaction
Bring yourself up-to date and stay that way
Do all those jobs nagging away at the back of your mind to be done.
See your energy levels soar when you write those letters and make
those outstanding phone calls