My name is Elizabeth Wells and I am a consultant of Feng Shui – finding solutions that attract success, health wealth and happiness into your life.  However, on this occasion, I was hoping that Sally, with her renowned hypnotherapy, would find the solution that I needed.  Incidentally, according to Sally, anything you repeat more than 24 times becomes a ‘habit’ and the subconscious will try and keep reminding you to keep repeating ‘it’ e.g. smoking, over-eating, obsessive-compulsive disorder etcBlog - Sally 001A consistently irritating habit that had been with me as long as I can remember was that when travelling home in the car, not necessarily from a long distance away, I would automatically start listing in my mind, all the jobs that needed doing on my return home.  Clearly putting myself under a little pressure and stress, I then suddenly felt the need for the loo – desperate!  I knew I did not need to go but it made no difference.  I had tried everything, ignoring it, ‘riding’ through it etc, nothing could stop it and naturally it made for a very uncomfortable journey home.

A talk given by Sally indicated that anything repeated more than 24 times became a habit and hypnotherapy was the way to break any habit.  So, with slight trepidation, I arranged for an appointment and had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Sally.   She was extremely professional and started by checking through my answers to her preparatory medical questions.  When satisfied with exactly what I wished to achieve from the session, I settled comfortably in her warm, attractive therapy room and the relaxation began.  At no time did I feel alarm or under threat and knew that I could easily come out of the hypnosis.  With previous relaxation sessions e.g. yoga I had been with a group whereas this was one to one and it was one of the most therapeutic experiences I had experienced.

You will be keen to know – does it work?  Yes indeed – so much so that I have almost forgotten I ever had the problem – do try it, it does work!  Just in case, Sally gave me a CD recording of the whole session, should I wish to reinforce her good work.

Sally McHugh

07739 605501